What Do SEO Experts Do?

Here is a simple guide to help understand what SEO Experts do.

What do SEO experts do? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Experts analyse and optimise websites to earn more natural search engine traffic and higher ranking positions. SEO is never easy, especially with the expansion of marketing technologies and system integrations, so usually businesses get this job outsourced to specialists. As Marketing Agencies become more and more expensive, companies prefer hiring freelance SEO consultants to get the same service without breaking the bank. Here are the main 10 SEO Experts’ responsibilities.

  1. Market Research & Strategy

Firstly SEO Experts will need to learn about your business goals, products and competition. Without this fundamental knowledge SEO experts won’t be able to get you what you need. You need to set clear objectives and agree to the strategy with your SEO experts so there are no misunderstandings.

  1. Website Analysis & Plan

SEO Experts have the skills and tools to provide you with a full analysis of your current website and provide clear and actionable recommendations for steps to take to improve your online presence and ultimately rank better in Search Engine Results.

  1. Keyword Research

The next step for SEO Experts would be to do the keyword research. This research may sound simple, but to get it right it takes time and experience when it comes to choosing the right search terms. If this is done correctly it will save lots of time in the future, so that’s why SEO Experts take the time to get this right at the beginning. All their future work will be based on this research.

  1. Website Optimisation

After the research stage SEO Consultant will start your website optimisation by assigning keywords to individual web pages, writing meta descriptions and providing copy amends where necessary. They will also resolve all technical issues and make your website accessible to search engines. This process will be ongoing and will include dealing with crawl errors, redirects, broken links, duplicate content and slow website speed. This type of SEO work is also known as On-Page SEO.

  1. Web Design & Development

Your SEO Experts will be working closely with your programmers or IT team and they will have at least basic HTML coding skills. Your SEO consultants will also know how to work with graphic design elements and understand the web development process.

  1. Link Building

Link building, also known as Off-Site SEO, is a large part of SEO Experts job. In order to be successful, your SEO Exerts will have to identify the most suitable third party websites for you to be associated with; the ones that will help your website to gain a better domain authority and rank higher in SERP.

  1. Lead Generation

The work results of a good freelance SEO consultant will have your business see an overall increase in leads. SEO Experts are able to get your website to the right audience hence the increase in leads. More good quality leads equal to more sales.

  1. Reporting & Analysis

SEO Experts will always be able to show the progress of their work in weekly reporting. They will also provide you with an analysis of these reports and their forecast based on previous projects. Nobody will ever give you any guarantees (or at least they should not) as SEO Experts can only work according to SEO best practises and their own work experience as the rest is determined by the search engines.

  1. Industry Expertise

Every professional aims to be an expert in their own field. The same case is with SEO Experts, they must be up to date with SEO best practises, Google algorithm updates and latest marketing software.

  1. Digital Marketing

Last but not least SEO Experts usually have Digital Marketing experience which is great for you as they will advise you on marketing in general. SEO Experts are familiar with Google Adwords and other advertising, Social Media and various other brand promotions.

This is just a top line on the SEO Experts job. It is clear the job requires the experience, right skills and the time to invest in each campaign. The day-to-day management of the SEO campaigns are also dependent on search engine algorithms which are becoming more and more complicated. Due to this job complexity and the time required to do the job right, SEO Experts are not cheap. If you find anyone offering very cheap SEO services, be aware as they may get you into black hat SEO. This type of SEO can get your website in trouble with Google and you may get your website removed from SERP completely.

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